XPRESsion Choir

“My Country, My Flag!”

Students are singing and signing God Bless America and This is America as we gear up to celebrate our Veterans and local heroes who serve our country in special ways.

Through these songs, we are connecting historical facts that integrate the growth of our nation from the 13 original colonies to our 50 states. From K- 5th grade, these songs inspire us to unite  as a nation of individuals and reflect on those men and women who willingly serve their country and  maintain our freedom that we all love.


We want to honor any military families who will be attending. Please let your child’s teacher know how many we can expect and, if in the military or serving as a local hero, provide that name and rank so we may honor you and your service to our community and country.


Beaufort High School ROTC color guard will be here to present the flags. Several of these students will be addressing and encouraging our young people towards good citizenship and service.


Our new 2019-2020 X-PRESsion choir will be performing inspiring songs that encourage us to follow our dreams as children of tomorrow.


Xpression Choir