Morning Drop Off

Drop off

Morning Drop Off

With safety as our first concern, the supervision of our students is a priority!  Drop off of students may begin at 7:15. Even if you are not sure of the time, you will have clues in the form of fellow parents.  There are always a few cars waiting in line for it to be 7:15.  Those folks wouldn’t be waiting if it was time to release students.  Do not drop off students prior to 7:15 at any time.  It is not safe.  PRES DOES NOT provide early morning care services, and we can only supervise students beginning at 7:15 when employees are on duty.

* Car riders must be dropped off in the back circle drive only.

* Walkers and bike riders enter the building through the front door beginning at 7:15 a.m.

* Bus riders enter the building through the bus entrance on the front side of the school.

*At 7:15, students may enter the building and will go directly to their homeroom where their classroom teacher waits for them just outside their classroom door.  Class begins at 7:45. Students are counted tardy if they are not in their classrooms at 7:45.  We need every minute we can get.