Morning Drop Off

Drop off

With safety as our first concern, the supervision of our students is our priority! Drop off of students may begin at 7:15. Even if you are not sure of the time, you will have clues in the form of fellow parents. There are always a few cars waiting in line for it to be 7:15. Those folks wouldn’t be waiting if it was time to release students. Do not drop off students prior to 7:15 at any time. It is not safe. We can only supervise students beginning at 7:15 when employees are on duty.

Car riders must be dropped off and picked up in the back circle drive only.

Walkers and bike riders enter the building through the side door off the playground by the Media Center beginning at 7:15 a.m.

Bus riders enter the building through the bus entrance in the front of the school.

At 7:15, students enter the building and have their choice of participating in any of the morning activities that we have available including: free play on the playground, fitness and aerobic exercise with a video in the multipurpose room, extra academic practice in the computer lab, or go to breakfast. For those who eat breakfast with us, that needs to happen first, not last.

At 7:30, students are gathered in an orderly fashion and are escorted to their classrooms. Students are greeted throughout the building by teachers and staff members along the way. Their own classroom teacher waits for them just outside their classroom door. Class begins at 7:45.  As of this year, students are counted tardy after 7:45. We need every minute we can get.

Please do not expect to have a conference with a teacher in the morning because that is "student time." We discourage walking students to class for this reason and for their independence. Pre-k students walking with mom or dad or older siblings is fine for the beginning of the school year, but please allow them to show you how much they have grown up during the school year by walking by themselves. Younger students begin to become independent risk takers who welcome new learning adventures when they are not tied to their parents to move down a safe and supervised hallway.