Afternoon Dismissal

Car rider

Pick-Up Tags and Dismissal Procedures 
Only a parent/guardian listed on the approved pick-up list will be issued one pick-up tag free of charge upon request after providing a valid ID. Any additional tags are $5 each. The notion of the pick-up tag is to allow the holder to efficiently pick up his/her child without having to show a valid ID each time. (This is why we need to check ID and your listing in our database with regard to pick up of your child.)
Teachers on car rider and walker duty will read the names of your children from the pick-up tag to other waiting teachers on the other end of radios so that your children can be called to come outside to meet you. Students are then escorted to their waiting parent or vehicle for a safe and secure delivery.
For students who walk home independently or ride their bikes in the same way, the exit is on the side of the building near the playground. These students must have an "Independent Walker/Biker" signed permission slip on file with us. They are watched by a teacher as they exit.

Afternoon Bus Dismissal
Students who return home by bus arrive in the bus holding area and are asked to sit in lines according to their bus route. When buses arrive and students are reasonably quiet and orderly, they are asked to move to their designated bus. Younger children are directed to sit at the front of the bus.
You will find the rules for riding the bus and consequences for violating the rules as part of the Beaufort County Code of Conduct. They are just what you would expect them to be – be reasonably quiet, always sit down on the bus; in effect, students should do their part to make the bus trip as safe as possible. If they cannot or will not do so, they are at risk of losing the privilege to ride the bus anywhere from a day to permanently. That last situation is very rare, but has happened. Safety is of the greatest importance on the bus, and bus rules are enforced.

Changes in Transportation
Because changes in transportation of students present opportunities to make mistakes, the only way we can make such changes is if the request is in writing. Further, we have no way of authenticating your voice on the phone. Notes, faxes, Agenda Book messages, or emails are needed to make the changes you request in your child’s transportation arrangements. Please make these changes prior to 2:15 pm. After 2:15 pm, the chances of locating the teacher and the class, not interrupting the class, and making the rest of the arrangements (teachers and assistants share responsibilities for the movement of students to buses, walkers, car riders, etc. and would have to coordinate that with whom they share such duties) get to be slimmer. We do not want to make a mistake. Please help us with that by being sure to clearly identify the date and duration of the change. Emailed transportation changes can be sent to the following email address:

If you wish to make changes to the adults listed that have your permission to pick up your child on the pick up list, you will need to come into the office to make the change in writing. No changes can be made to authorize additional adults by email, fax, or by phone.